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If you have any questions or need assistance, please use the live chat widget in the bottom right corner
or leave a voicemail at 336-265-6148 (Office Operating Hours are 9AM - 4PM ET Monday - Friday).

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  • Convention Registration: Opens Oct. 13
  • Early-Bird Convention Registration Deadline: Dec. 15
  • Regular Registration Deadline with Add-Ons: Jan. 26
  • Regular Registration Deadline without Add-Ons: Feb. 16 (can register on-site beyond this date)
  • Deadline for All Convention Refunds: Jan. 26

SETC’s Convention registration price is one of the lowest in the country and packs terrific value. In addition to the recruiting/hiring services we provide, there are also many Convention offerings/trainings that speak to multiple interest areas and beyond. We understand financial hardship is real. But we believe the Convention experience is worth it. We pledge to help all we can with a program to be announced soon to assist participants who might have financial hardship. We will work to not leave anyone out. SETC is working diligently to continue supporting our industry during this unprecedented time. We hope, in turn, we can count on all to support SETC. Thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding.