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Screening Auditions – Virtual

Spring Professional Auditions – In-Person in Lexington, KY – March 1-5, 2023

The SETC Professional Screening Auditions will be achieved going forward, not as in-person, but as video auditions for all States. Please check with your State organization about how your State Conference/Convention will be convened.

SETC plans for an in-person Convention in Lexington, KY from March 1-5, 2023 where live Spring Professional Auditions & Theatre Job Fair will happen. Accessibility options for those who cannot travel will be available. 


  • Screening Audition Registration Opens – September 1, 2022 at 12:00PM EST
  • Screening Audition Registration Closes – November 8, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST *
  • Submissions Adjudicated – November 14 thru December 4, 2022
  • Candidates Notified of Pass or No Pass – December 9, 2022
  • Early Bird Deadline for Convention Registration – January 12, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Memphis Convention & Spring Professional Auditions – March 1 thru 5, 2023

* Screening Auditions will be capped at 2,400.  Registration is scheduled for approximately nine weeks and will be closed when 2,400 Auditionees are reached.  Notifications will go out each week to the States updating them on the registration numbers.


  • Video auditions can be taped with a cell phone or in-home equipment (professional studio not necessary).
  • Time limit is 60 seconds for all auditions and can include acting, singing, or both (in either order).
  • The “video progress” or “scrubber bar” should read no more than 60 seconds or audition will be disqualified. (Do not use the system's options to shorten your video, this will result in the adjudicators not seeing your video at all, it will result in technical difficulties. Make sure your video is exactly 60 seconds).
  • Please no slate.  Do not state your name or the piece you are performing.  Audition material only.
  • Please frame your body in the audition video from the knees up.
  • Musical pieces should be accompanied by piano/keyboard only, either live or piano-only track.
  • Musical pieces should not be accompanied by instrumental tracks, karaoke, or sung a cappella.
  • Required file format includes .MOV .AVI .MP4 .MKV (most phones use .MP4 format).
  • SETC’s Professional Services Manager is available to help anyone with limited technology or issues.
  • Please no performance reels, commercial clips, or professionally edited studio tapes.
  • Audition file must be titled “YOUR NAME 2022 – YOUR STATE”.  If you are an out-of-region Auditionee, please title “YOUR NAME 2022 – OUT-OF-REGION”.  (We don’t need your state.)

Please follow the directions above very carefully!


  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Two References (Name, Organization, E-Mail, & Phone)
  • Audition Video (60 Seconds)
  • Dance Reel (3 Minutes) – Optional (Except for Dancer-Only)
  • Tumbling Reel (3 Minutes) - Optional


(Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. If you go to school in one of the states listed, you need to use the IN REGION STATE application.)





  • As in the past, 800 Auditionees will be selected to advance to the live auditions in Lexington.  However, as a service to the Auditionees and the professional companies, ALL video screening auditions will be provided to the companies for their files with the 800 flagged as “passed”.

  • Screening audition submissions will be limited to 2,400.  Preparing and getting applications in early will be important.  Take your time and do good work, but don’t wait until the last minute.  Central Office Staff will monitor submissions and communicate with the SACs as we go along.  Commenced, but incomplete applications, will not serve as a placeholder in the process as we approach the possible cap.

  • If an Auditionee who is selected to advance cannot travel to Lexington, their video audition will be passed on to the professional companies and flagged as “passed”.  Virtual callbacks can be arranged.  Undergraduate Auditionees only will be allowed to re-submit their video audition if they choose to take advantage of the adjudicator feedback.  Convention registration will still be required and virtual Convention access will be available.  Alternates will be chosen to fill any open live slots at Convention.

  • All professional and/or Graduate Auditionees will be screened to determine whether they advance or not, but will not be adjudicated.  Initial videos for those unable to attend Convention in-person will be the ones passed on to the professional companies.

  • The screening fee has been reduced to $35.  Convention registration for college/university students will be $190 and adults will be $290 with no additional fees for Professional Auditions or Theatre Job Fair. No refunds will be given for those who do not pass.

  • Policies for Auditionees that require minimum age 18 at time of registration, no longer enrolled in high school, required references (contact info only, no e-mails), and “audition location assignment” remain in place.


  • All Adjudicators will be recruited/assigned by the SETC Professional Division and arranged/paid for by SETC.  There will be 12 Adjudicators in four groups of three.  Each State will have the same three Adjudicators.  Adjudicator score sheets and comments will be made available to all Auditionees by end of December.  Rubric is available here.
  • Percentages will be set at a fixed 20% in Fall 2021, 15% in Fall 2022, and 15% in Fall 2023 after Professionals are assigned slots.  A more detailed explanation of assignment is outlined below.  SETC will be as transparent as possible about data and calculation.

For Fall 2022 …

  • Screening Auditions will be capped at 2,400 Auditionees.
  • Spring Professional Auditions will have 800 slots.
  • Professionals will be screened first by three adjudicators with a simple “pass/fail” and those that receive two out of three “passes” will get the first of the 800 slots.
  • The remainder of each State’s Auditionees will be given a score from 0 to 60.
  • The next slots will be filled by a minimum of the top-scoring 15% from each State’s Auditionees list.
  • The next slots will be filled by the top-scoring 15% of out-of-region Auditionees. Any remaining slots will be filled with the highest scoring Auditionees (no matter what state or out-of-region) not passed on in the 15%.


Self-Tape Tips https://youtu.be/XW4_e2u6S4c

Video Audition Exampleshttps://youtu.be/QyX2PxezV9o

TTC Video Auditions Prephttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLIV0TSZgaE

What makes you stop and really watch an audition?https://youtu.be/qXNm9k8drmY

What’s one thing good auditionees do really well?https://youtu.be/VTMmDG93JAI

How do you choose between two equally talented actors?https://youtu.be/RtBb7tpcDr0

What happens when there's no space in your season for an actor you want to hire?https://youtu.be/wBUDdMTU_jU

What is proper audition attire?https://youtu.be/QjTt9BBM1uE

SETC Services Overview Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TD74fJH440&t=1s

SETC One Sheethttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1wOkc25OegieLBo5AjRB6w4xZsKCPqpYX/view?usp=sharing 


SETC pledges to continue to evaluate and improve its processes including better data collection, consistent selection of diverse professional adjudicators, fee waiver policies/procedures, written feedback to students, training opportunities, and enhanced communication and resource-sharing.  We welcome your suggestions!


For Questions or Assistance, please contact SETC’s Professional Services Manager,
Elizabeth Theodora at
elizabeth@setc.org or 336-265-6148.

We hope all will understand that due to COVID-19, all above is subject to change.