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SETC hosts the nation’s only professional auditions to take place in late summer/early autumn, giving your company the earliest opportunity to get a jump on spring/summer casting. These auditions are also perfect for casting for seasonal and holiday productions, upcoming shows scheduled during fall through early spring, or to fill any holes in your ongoing season’s productions. These auditions usually draw more than 200 pre-screened actors, singers and dancers.

A wide variety of theatre and entertainment companies from across the nation come to SETC for their casting/hiring needs. Professional organizations from across the U.S. attend to hire actors, singers, and combos of all both for their upcoming seasons. Producing groups include regional, repertory, stock, and dinner theatres, cruise ships, touring and production companies and other entities that provide monetary compensation/salary on a contracted basis to a majority of its staff. A minimum of two years of production history and solid financial standing are required.

Registration Information:
Registration Fee: $75 (includes one representative, additional representatives are $25 each)
Organizational Membership ($80) is required. (Organizational Membership needs to be active until August 30, 2021 to be considered current.)

2022 Process Changes:
SETC recently surveyed its professional companies that are the traditional participants in the Fall Professional Auditions and while all would like to be in-person, they have expressed that a virtual format would be better for them at this time. SETC’s Fall Professional Auditions will again, be held virtually at the end of August. 

  1. Auditionees will provide SETC with an audition video (there will be no Dance Call or Dancer-Only Auditions, auditionees who wish to share their dance abilities are invited to upload a dance reel showcasing their skills).
  2. Professional Screeners will determine if applicants are passed or not.
  3. Hiring companies will have the opportunity to view applicant videos and resumes.
  4. If passed, the auditionee will be notified.
  5. Materials will be shared with hiring companies.

We continue to make changes to our processes and adapt to the current circumstances, so please carefully review the information below:

June 20*   Registration Opens for Professional Companies
June 27 Registration Opens for Auditionees
August 11 at 11:59 PM Registration for Auditionees Ends
August 12 – 24 Audition Screening
August 2627 Auditionees Notified of “Pass” or “No Pass”
August 29  Audition Galleries passed on to Professional Companies







*Registration and audition galleries will be available to professional companies indefinitely as the industry re-emerges and the need is meaningful.

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